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New Patient Information

Notice of independent psychological practice closure. Effective November 4th, 2016, Eugene J. Rankin, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist (PY 6386), will be permanently closing his independent clinical practice located at 300 Kingsley Lake Drive, St. Augustine, Florida. After this date, the psychological records of the service users may be obtained by them, their legal representatives, or licensed mental health professionals designated by service users in writing, to receive the service user's records by contacting and leaving a message on Dr. Rankin's telephone at (904) 495-6800 or fax request at (904) 395-9333, who will make appropriate arrangements for release of records.

We'd like to give you an idea of what to expect during your appointment. You can expect to be at our office for approximately five hours. For the first hour, you and your significant other will meet with Dr. Rankin in order to get to know you better. The meeting will be like an interview designed to discuss your current medical problems, your past medical history, academic achievement, vocational history and family history.

After the interview, the rest of the time will be spent taking standardized tests of attention, memory, learning, intelligence, language use, and complex problem solving. You will also be asked to complete paper-and-pencil inventories describing your mood. All of this information will be scored and interpreted within the context of your interview information. A report will be written and sent to your health care professional who referred you. You may ask that we send the report to anyone else you want to have your results. Finally, Dr. Rankin will meet with you at the end of the appointment in order to provide you an understanding of the results of the examination.

You can do your part to help. Because there is so much to do during this one-time evaluation meeting, it is important that you complete the questionnaire (available here: history questionnaire) prior to the appointment time. If you have any questions or you might be late, please let us know. You can telephone us at (904) 495-6800. Like your other health care professionals, Dr. Rankin's considers your time valuable and thereby wishes to help you get through this evaluation process competently and efficiently.

Policy on no-shows/cancellations

Please notify my office at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment. Emergencies or illnesses are taken into consideration; otherwise, failure to keep an appointment as scheduled will result in the standard fee being charged. Since I cannot bill the insurance company for missed appointments, you will be responsible for the entire fee.

Eugene Rankin, Ph.D., ABPP
Diplomate in Clinical Neuropsychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
Florida License #PY 6386

300 Kingsley Lake Drive, Suite 401
St. Augustine, FL 32092
ph (904) 495-6800 | fax (904) 395-9333